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 Department of Earth & Environmental Systems
   600 Chestnut St.
  Science Building RM159
  Indiana State University
  Terre Haute, IN 47809

  Phone: (812)237-2255
  Fax: (812)237-8029


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Chapters in Books in Chinese

1994. Water disasters and culture: the case of the Zhujiang Delta. In Guangdong Yanhuang Culture Society (eds.): Ling Qiao Chun Qiu. Beijing: Zhongguo Dabaike Quanshu Press, pp. 518-532.
1993. (with Y. Zhang). The early agriculture and cultural ecology of the Zhujiang River Delta. In Guangdong Ethnological Society (eds.): Essays on Guangdong Ethnology (VI). Guangzhou: Guangdong People’s Publishing House, pp. 176-187.
1992. Philosophizing on physical geography. In Chinese Association of Geographers (eds.): Land Science and Regional Development. Shanghai: Shanghai Scientific & Technological Documents Press, pp. 211-215.
1991. A study of Professor Zeng Zhao-Xuan's physical geographical thought. In Department of Geography, South China Normal University (eds.): Zeng Zhao-Xuan and Geography of South China (A Special Issue of Tropical Geomorphology). Guangzhou: Guangdong People’s Publishing House, pp. 53-56.

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