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   Department of Earth & Environmental Systems
   600 Chestnut St.
  Science Building RM159
  Indiana State University
  Terre Haute, IN 47809

  Phone: (812)237-2255
  Fax: (812)237-8029


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       Major Research Interests

  • Urban heat island (UHI) modeling using remote sensing data and field measurements (Fractal analysis of UHI patterns; estimating UHI parameters using kernel convolution;  data mining of UHIs;  sub-pixel vegetation fraction-LST relationship in UHI;  scaling effect of LST-vegetation abundance relationship; relationship among air pollution, land use density and UHI

  • Land surface temperature (LST) estimation, generation, and analysis (LST scaling; development of data fusion algorithms; time-series analysis; spatio-temporal patterns; annual and diurnal temperature cycles modeling; generation of consistent LST data sets; use of LST data for urban, environment, and public health studies)

  • Estimation and mapping of urban extents and impervious surfaces (Systematic analysis of different algorithms for estimation but focusing on sub-pixel, ANN, fuzzy set, and object based;  effects of spectral and spatial resolutions;  seasonality;  relationship of impervious surface pattern with socioeconomic and demographic data; time series night-light analysis)
  • Urban sprawl mapping and environmental impact analysis (dynamic relationship between urban growth and environmental change; urbanization effects; integration of remote sensing and GIS; land use change analysis; time series image analysis)

  • Urban land characterization and classification (spectral mixture analysis; urban remote sensing continuum model; sub-pixel faction images in urban land characterization and change analysis; ancillary data for urban classification)

  • Population estimation, urban energy consumption, environmental quality, quality of life, human and environmental health (first use of impervious surface, LST, and vegetation fraction images in population estimation; developing new indicators for urban physical environmental quality; scale effect of census-based urban environmental quality; environmental public health using remote sensing and GIS; nightlight image analysis of urban energy consumption and other socioeconomic activities)

  • Human ecosystems sustainability analysis (use of fuzzy set in assessing urban ecosystem sustainability and temporal change)

  • Human-environment interactions in South China (agricultural land use and sustainability in Pearl River Delta; relationship between land use and environmental conservation; water conservancy techniques; effects of changes in physical environment and land use on the sustainability and productivity of natural and human ecosystems)

Examples of Research Projects:
  • Estimating Chinese Housing Using Remote Sensing (IU-ISU Collaborative Research, 2013-2015)
  • Effects of Urbanization on Surface Energy Fluxes and Urban Climate: An Analysis Using Remote Sensing, GIS, and Numerical Modeling (NASA, 2008-09)
  • Role of Urban Canopy Composition and Structure in Determining Heat Islands (National Science Foundation, 2005-09)
  • Terre Haute Urban Mapping (ISU Foundation, 2003-05)
  • Remote Sensing of Urban Heat Islands in Indianapolis, Indiana (NASA Indiana Space Grant Consortium, 2004-05) 
  • Indiana Habitat and Biodiversity Mapping (Indiana Department of Natural Resources, 2003-06) - Statewide LULC Mapping Using Medium Resolution Satellite Imagery
  • Indiana Impervious Surface Mapping Initiative (USGS IndianaView Consortium, and NASA Indiana Space Grant Consortium, 2005-06)
  • Teacher Development at Earth Science at Mzuzu University in Collaboration with Indiana State University (USAID, 2004-06)
  • Climatic Impacts of Urban Growth in Guangzhou, South China (National Geographic Society, 2000-02)
  • Land Use/Cover Change and Environmental Impacts in the Zhujiang Delta, China (National Geographic Society, 1998-2000)
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